Moselle for bikers – The Maare-Mosel cycle trail

The Moselle region is one of Germany’s picturesque areas in the southwestern corner of this diverse country. Named and defined by its life-giving river: The Moselle. From Koblenz to Trier the river twists and turns about 200 kilometres. Just north of the Moselle lies the Eifel region.

Millions of years ago, this low mountain range was a scene of extensive volcanic activity. Some of the hills are volcanic vents and the peculiar circle-shaped lakes (maars) are formed in volcanic craters.

The European Travel Team has roamed the area on our own 2-wheelers and offer recommendations for different cycle trips. If you’re into adrenaline-boosting and calorie-consuming mountainbiking in the region or are looking to plan a cycle holiday on the Moselle cycle route, check out those articles.

The Maare-Mosel cycle trail

This 55 km cycle trail is perhaps the most beautiful and well-known cycling route in the Middle Moselle. It runs from the town of Daun in the Vulkaneifel district through Wittlich to Bernkastel-Kues at the Moselle river.

The converted railway path travels through the landscape of the ancient maars (volcanic crater lakes) and volcanoes, over magnificent viaducts and past old railway stations, running parallel to the river Lieser from Wittlich onwards as it winds its way through its wide, peaceful valley, where the vineyards of the Moselle start to emerge. It continues gently along the route of the Moselle cycle path to Bernkastel-Kues.

Descending steadily, the trail can be conquered in 3 hours, but much can be discovered along the entire route. Cultivated resting places, countless view points and the local gastronomy invite you to stay or picnic. The so-called “Rad-Erlebnis-Schleifen” best translates to “Bike-Adventure-Loops” and are add-ons to the Maare-Mosel cycle trail, which means that you can pick-and-choose the length or topic of your biking adventure. We went to see some of the volcanic crater lakes and were rewarded with great views!

From April to November a special cyclists’ bus runs between Bernkastel-Kues and Daun up to ten times a day and makes it hassle-free to get back to your starting point.

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Or if you’re looking to explore the region on your own 2 feet, check out our guide to Moselle for Hikers.

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