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The Moselle region is one of Germany’s picturesque areas in the southwestern corner of this diverse country. Named and defined by its life-giving river: The Moselle. From Koblenz to Trier the river twists and turns about 200 kilometres. Its hillsides are perfect for mountain biking with amazing views and healthy exercise. Here’s’ our tips to enjoy the best mountain biking in Mosel.


The European Travel Team has roamed the area on our own 2-wheelers and offer the last of our 3 recommendations for different cycle trips. If you want to learn about the other cycling options in the region, please see our article on the 55 kilometre Maare-Mosel cycle trail or the 200 kilometre Moselle cycle route.

Mountain biking

Strenuous climbs, steep descents, narrow paths and generous vistas. In the Moselle region, you have a network of trails with several thousand metres of altitude in a varied landscape that reward with fascinating panoramic views. Ideal for bikers who want a sporting holiday amongst vineyards and woods.

Nothing gives an appetite like a few hours of slowly climbing the steep hills and then blaze through the forest on a quick single trail. And because many mountain bike trails co-exist with hiking trials you are never far from a place to drink, eat and be merry.

Roman Wine Route

In the Roman Wine Route holiday region, you’ll find more than 200 km of mountain biking tracks. A total of 5 tracks, spanning distances of between 27.9 and 76.3 km have been marked out. Altitude differences varying between 718 m and 2119 m proves that you don’t have to ride to the Alps to do some challenging mountain biking.

Mountainbike Trailpark Mehring


In Mountainbike-Trailpark-Mehring there are five trails color-coded according to difficulty. The park has free entrance and is open from March 1st to October 31st and is closed during rain.

Premium Bike Trail

The Travel Team tried the new mountain bike route “Zwei Schanzentour” which is certified as Premium Bike Trail Tour by the criteria of “Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike” (DIMB). The demanding tour with its high number of single trails leads mainly through forests, but also has many great views into the Moselle Valley to.

The 30-kilometre tour is marked throughout and can be divided into 2 stages. We thought we were in good shape but were shamefully mistaken and cut the route in half, descending back to Bernkastel-Kues after 15 kilometres. The demanding trail requires a good condition, technical skills and a sense of adventure. It delivers amazing views and an unforgettable experience.

There are other mountain bike trails around the hillsides of Bernkastel-Kues with varying length and skill requirements, all with excellent signposting.

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Or if you’re looking to explore the region on your own 2 feet, check out our guide to Moselle for Hikers.

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