Moselle for bikers – The Moselle cycle route

Moselle River vineyards

The Moselle region is one of Germany’s picturesque areas in the southwestern corner of this diverse country. Bordering Luxemburg and just a one-hour drive from France and 2 hours from Holland, this region is defined by its life-giving and name-giving river: The Moselle. The Moselle cycle route is perfect for bikepacking and one of the best bike routes in Germany.

200 kilometres of biking bliss

Moselle river cycle route

From Koblenz to Trier, the river twists and turns about 200 kilometres. Ah, but what kilometres: The road follows the river and meanders through the at times soft hills and other times steep cliffs. But always planted with vines.

The European Travel Team has roamed the area on our own 2-wheelers and offer recommendations for different cycle trips. You can read about where to to some adrenaline-boosting and calorie-burning mountainbiking in the region and about the Maare-Mosel cycle trail, that’s suitable for all ages and levels.

The Moselle cycle route

Moselle cycle route

This 200 kilometre route takes a little more than 3 hours by car and about a week on bike. From Trier to Koblenz, this well-maintained and well-signed cycle path follows the Moselle downstream and thus slightly downhill. Whether you fancy a quick train ride back to Trier or want to take it slow by boating your way up the river back to your starting point is just a question of cost, leisure and temper.

The scenery along the Moselle is characterised by sunny vineyards, steep hillsides, picturesque wine villages and romantic towns. The Moselle cycle route follows the course of the river, offering not only beautiful panoramas but is also almost climb-free.

Whether you are a regular cyclist or you have never done a cycling holiday before, the Moselle cycle route is a good choice.  It is well provided with cycle paths, pleasant places to visit and spend the night, bicycle hire and repair shops and good transportation network. The stress-free route makes it easily managed by youngsters and seniors.

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Or if you’re looking to explore the region on your own 2 feet, check out our guide to Moselle for Hikers.

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