Moselle for hikers

The Moselle region is a world-class hiking area, with excellent signposting, stunning views, steep vineyards to climbs, varied thematic trails, culinary encounters and hiking-friendly lodgings.

Those who seek a sporty challenge and likes to climb, will feel right at home in this region together with the leisurely hiker and families with children. And it doesn’t hurt that the gastronomy is hearty and the wine abundant!

When you put one foot in front of the other, there's no knowing where they'll lead you!

When you put one foot in front of the other, there’s no knowing where they’ll lead you!

Hiking trails

Your Travel Team has huffed and puffed themselves up and down some of the trails in order to guide you to the hiking trail of your preference.

We can recommend:

WeinErlebnisTour – The wines of the Moselle region are famous, and this 10 € guided tour of the vineyards of Bernkastel-Kues with wine tasting makes the ideal combination of wine and walking.

Maria Zill Panoramaweg – this round trip climbs 329 metres and covers 6.3 kilometres. But you are awarded with some of the finest views of the Moselle valley and the tour ends in Bernkastel-Kues, where refreshments await!

Napoleonsweg – is a great 7-kilometre tour for the family where both Napoleon and Julius Caesar are supposed to have been. The comfortable gradients of the trail makes it manageable for smaller hikers as well.

The woods of Wehlen – a 10-kilometre long hiking tour above the winegrowing village of Wehlen and through the village, woods and orchards of the region.

There are loads of other tours to choose from – depending on interest, difficulty and distance. On the German website of Bernkastel-Kues is a great and varied selection.


One week in April, the region of Bernkastel-Kues organise the so-called WanderKulTour, which focuses on hiking, with many guided thematic tours, geocaching and a 24-hour hike on the so-called MoselSteig.

You have to choice of walking 3 different routes as long as you complete 80 kilometres in 24 hours. The 45 € payment for participating covers a communal breakfast before the 11 o’clock start, catering stations along the way and warm meal in the afternoon. It’s possible to sleep on camp beds and relieve yourself on sanitary stations. The Germans got it under control!

One week in april that's all about hiking.

One week in april that’s all about hiking.


This 365 kilometre long-distance hiking trail through the Moselle valley is one of Germany’s premium hiking routes and offers 24 stages, each of which is 11-24 kilometres long and with varying difficulty levels. If you only want to hike between Trier and Koblenz – the two cultural heavyweights – you can eliminate 4 stages and 84 kilometres, making it one of the most active 3-week holidays you’ll ever have.

Each stage ends in a locality where lodging and dining is possible making MoselSteig an adventure for the palate as well.

If you’re considering discovering the region on two-wheels, check out our articles on the Maare-Mosel cycle trail, the Moselle cycle route and Mountainbiking in the Moselle region to get information and inspiration for an active vacation.

The MoselSteig long-distance trail encounters Burg Eltz on stage 20

The MoselSteig long-distance trail encounters Burg Eltz on stage 20


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