Malta: The hunt for a Carnival

“This is no carnival” our waitress exclaimed, pointing her head to a dressed-up couple in embroidered, Venetian style dresses whilst serving us our drinks. We ourselves had given up the search for the carnival and had settled on searching for a late Sunday afternoon Aperol-buzz instead. After a Friday with impressive dance performances but disappointingly…

Malta: The island of fortifications

The history of the fortifications of Valletta is the history of the Knights Hospitallers in Malta. One may say that it’s the history of the Maltese Islands that is a history of fortifications. Certainly, few other islands around the world can so eloquently claim the title of Island Fortress. Discover with us this fortified landscape.

Mdina: Game of Thrones in Malta

There are different stories to the origin of the name “Malta”. Some say it was the Phoenicians, that built a wall around its former capital and called it “Malet”, which means Safe Place. Others say it was the Romans that called the island “Melita”, meaning honey, which then was and still is a amber coloured…

A feast for a Saint: St. Paul’s Shipwreck Day in Malta

Immortalised in the Act of the Apostles, the shipwreck of St. Paul in Malta, almost 2.000 years ago, is still celebrated by the Maltese. Through parades and festivities, they make sure that their patron saint is not forgotten, and so history becomes alive. Only 3 days before carnival, this is a great time to visit this fascinating island.

Malta: On the fringe of Europe but in the heart of its history

The history of Malta is a turbulent one, characterised by its strategic position in the Mediterranean, halfway between Europe and Africa. Under influence from the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Normans, the Knights Hospitallers, Napoleon (just for a short while, no pun intended) and the British, this tiny island has prospered and is today a holiday…