Aveiro – Art Nouveau Pearl in Portugal

There is a remarkable number of Art Nouveau buildings in Portugal, yet Aveiro still shines a bit more joyful, colourful.

We’ve put together a 5 km walking itinerary that takes you past the 20 most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the centre of Aveiro plus some of its most beautiful sites.
Let’s go for an Art Nouveau stroll in Aveiro!

Top10 Castles of Denmark

Denmark has a surprising amount of castles, manors and palaces. No less than 160 adorn the Danish landscape, from the rich soils of Funen to the aristocratic environment of Zealand. The castles served a number of different purposes. Some were primarily for defensive use, some were residences for Kings and Queens – and some of them still are!

Discover with us a personal Top10 of our favourite castles in Denmark:

Snapshots of Naxos

Visual artist and photographer Magdalene Kourti shows us the blue & white beauty of Greek island Naxos.

From lazy beaches to cobblestoned villages and surprising street art, this cycladic island has it all.

See how she captures its allure in her Snapshots of Naxos.

Gorski Kotar – Nature adventure & wildlife

In a post-covid world we’re taking to the woods like never before. Here, we can experience a calm and sense of presence that escapes us in urban life. Croatian Travel journalist and nature lover Anita Palada takes us deep into the mountains of Gorski Kotar in Croatia, where nature photographer Romeo Mance goes photo hunting in Ravna Gora forest.

Here, there’s life. Wild life.

How to Road Trip around Europe

There are a few factors you need to consider when travelling around Europe.

The way you do it depends on where you are coming from, the location you are visiting, what you plan to do, and with whom you are planning to go.

Check out the International Drivers Association’s guide to How to Road Trip around Europe.

6 hours in Burano – Colours of the Venetian Lagoon

Burano shines like an archipelago of sorts – four interconnecting islands where the people of Altino fled to escape a barbarian invasion during the 6th century. Here, the colours of the Venetian Lagoon are surpassed by rainbow-hued houses.

Check out Soham’s guide to spending 6 hours in Burano, and what restaurant really IS worth crossing half the world for…

Cats of Athens

Athens is probably the first city in Europe, where we’ve seen the many stray cats belonging to the entire community. Lounging on an ancient pillar, looking out from the Parthenon or sleeping in the green bedding of the many archaeological sites, these furry predators keep the rats in check when you’re not scratching them behind the ear.

The Greek love their cats and they are not shy to give back some of that love.