How to Road Trip around Europe

By Maurice Vogel, International Drivers Association

There are a few factors you need to consider when travelling around Europe. The way you do it depends on where you are coming from, the location you are visiting, what you plan to do, and with whom you are planning to go. But, some of the things are related to every situation so follow a few steps to make sure the trip goes well.

Choosing a Car

If you have already been on a long road trip, then you know how important is to have a great car. The size, features, and reliability matter the most because you will cover a lot of mileage and you want to be comfortable and safe. It’s always better to drive an SUV but the only disadvantage you will have is the cost of gas.

Larger vehicles tend to spend much more gas and it’s not as cheap as in the US. But, on the other hand, you will have a lot of room and you’ll have space to bring all the necessary things you need. You would also want to visit a mechanic before the trip to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Pack and Check Road Rules

Write down everything that you need to bring and check the list twice because it can be very annoying to forget something on a road trip. This usually happens when you are bringing a lot of stuff with you so it’s recommended to buy what you can on the way there.

Each country has something different when it comes to road rules. It takes a few minutes to check them online and read about the fundamentals before you enter the border. Don’t forget that you need to have international drivers license so you can drive freely. These are some of the details people forget about and are very important because you might get returned.

Planning a Route

A week or two before you start you should have planned out the route you will take. It’s important to do it on time because you will have enough to check if the roads are open and if some construction work is planned. Besides checking which route to take, you can see what food and sleep options you have along the way.

Road trips tend to get really messy because you are eating while travelling and staying at places in your car. So, remember to keep everything clean because some countries are rigorous about polluting the environment. Throwing garbage on side of the road can get you a €50 ticket in some places.

Travelling on a Budget

In most cases, you would want to save money when travelling in your car. One of the best tips you will get is to buy a tent to sleep in if you are travelling during summer. The more research you do the more money you will be able to save. This is because people spend on expensive food and locations because they lack knowledge.

Check the best options for each location on the internet when it comes to spending the night, food, gas, and events that could be interesting. You will always find a very cheap solution for every problem.

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