Camino de Santiago – It’s all about the journey. Part II

Walking Spain’s most famous pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela is not only about overcoming physical and mental struggles, it’s also a chance to come intimately close to an everchanging landscape. The 780 kilometre route gives you a time and chance to enjoy Spain’s landscape, culture and history at first hand.

Continuing her hike on the Camino de Santiago, Ava Kabouchy encounters both pals and pests. She becomes a tramposa, and finds out what a trail husband is..

Another Beautiful Hiking Trail in Algarve

The coastal hiking path “Trail of the Headlands” was inaugurated in 2018. Just like its sister trail; The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, this route offers amazing views of the unique seascape in southern Portugal.

It’s our 2nd favourite hike in Algarve and will bring you close to dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches and natural sculptures. It may be a stretch to declare it a walk on a cloud, but it’ll definitely get you closer to the heavens.

Hiking and Biking in Belgium

Belgium has a diversified nature, from the flat coastline in the north to the mountain range Ardennes in the south. Whatever your liking or your form, you can find hiking and biking routes, that’ll suit you and give you ample reason to burn off calories. And afterwards you can indulge in Belgium’s blessed beer traditions with a clean conscience!

Moselle for bikers – The Maare-Mosel cycle trail

The Moselle region is one of Germany’s picturesque areas in the southwestern corner of this diverse country. Named and defined by its life-giving river: The Moselle. From Koblenz to Trier the river twists and turns about 200 kilometres. Just north of the Moselle lies the Eifel region. Millions of years ago, this low mountain range was a scene of extensive…