Split – the difference

What made the emperor Diocletian choose this very spot for his retirement home more than 2.300 years ago, is not recorded.
What he thought about when he watched the sun sink into the west, into the Dalmatian ocean, is not remembered.split-10

What remains, though, is this amazing open-air museum slash lively scene slash tourist mecca. To get lost in the maze-like streets and yet feel safe, because you know that the labyrinth is limited is invigorating yet risk-less: you feel like you are on an adventure, not knowing where the next turn on the narrow alleyway will lead you, but still the Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia is a limited area, so there’s no chance to get lost – only a chance to get entertained.

Split is the kinda city, that makes the difference for us: it has lots of history, cool vibes, authentic feel, street music and a nearby beach. It doesn’t get much better than that. The only place I can think of, which comes close, is Barri Gothic in Barcelona – that place has the the same history-laden, Gothic atmosphere like Split. Only Split precedes it with about 1.500 years!


Game of Thrones location

It’s no wonder, that this captivating city was used as filming location for Game of Thrones and you’re wandering the streets that became Meereen, the palace basements and Daenarys’ throne room. If you want to discover more Game of Thrones locations, check out this guide by the Central Dalmatian Tourist board or venture further south, like we did, and soak in the essence of King’s Landing in Dubrovnik.

We’ll be hanging around in Split for a few days. Maybe take a boat to Trogir and visit this UNESCO protected, walled island. Maybe drive to Šibenik and visit the UNESCO listed St James Cathedral. The choices are many. The only difference is between what you want and what the area provides. And you can Split the difference.

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