Top10 Castles of Denmark

Denmark has a surprising amount of castles, manors and palaces. No less than 160 adorn the Danish landscape, from the rich soils of Funen to the aristocratic environment of Zealand. The castles served a number of different purposes. Some were primarily for defensive use, some were residences for Kings and Queens – and some of them still are!

Discover with us a personal Top10 of our favourite castles in Denmark:

Castle Quest in SouthWest Germany

Germany is one of the best countries in Europe to soak in a medieval atmosphere and go on a castle quest.

Because we’re crazy about castles, we visited more than 20 of those in the southwest of Germany, in the region of Baden-Württemberg, covering about one third of the Castle Route. From gloomy ruins to boasting baroque, join us on a Castle Quest.

The most Romantic Castle in Romania – daytrip from Bucharest

Peleș Castle in Sinaia is a perfect escape from the urban bustle of Bucharest. Situated amidst the Transylvanian mountains, with a backdrop of a forest in autumnal colours, this fairytale castle might not be enchanted, but is certainly one of the most enchanting castles in Europe!

Join us on a daytrip from Bucharest, that offers fairy-tale castles, Art Nouveau mansions and excellent hiking.

Palaces of Portugal: Sintra

By Antoine Barthelemy Sintra is situated in the mountains near Lisbon and has contributed hugely to the Portuguese heritage in buildings and monuments over the course of history. In 1995, UNESCO recognised the importance of the architectural heritage and classified the city as a World Heritage Site. Most famous for its many astonishing 19th century…

In the footsteps of the Moors: Seville

Seville is a dynamic tapestry of eastern and western architecture and culture. For hundreds of years it was the capital of Moorish dynasties with Arab names like the Abbasids, Almoravids and the Almohad. This 2.200 year-old jewel has undergone just as many changes with its culture, as it has with its architecture and even its name. The ancient…

Five fabulous Loire castles

You have probably heard of the 4 great C’s of Loire: Cheverny, immortalised in Tintin’s Château de Moulinsart. Chenonceau, the elegant castle of the ladies. Chaumont, with its medieval suspension bridge and Chambord, with its 400 rooms and almost just as many chimneys. You may even have read something about Villandry, with its beautiful garden, Angers and the famous…

Split – the difference

What made the emperor Diocletian choose this very spot for his retirement home more than 2.300 years ago, is not recorded. What he thought about when he watched the sun sink into the west, into the Dalmatian ocean, is not remembered. What remains, though, is this amazing open-air museum slash lively scene slash tourist mecca.…