Game of Thrones magic in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones is filmed on location in many beautiful, impressing and epic sites in Europe. From dramatic Malta to gloomy Scotland, the TV show has combined the magic of certain locations with the illusion of computer graphics – and has captivated an entire world audience as spectators to this epic drama.

You yourself can be a part of this marvellous tapestry when visiting Dubrovnik, and pretend that you’re in King’s Landing. Discover with us the best Game of Thrones sites in Dubrovnik – and beyond!

I can’t provide you with a complete hiking agenda around town (for that I’ll recommend one of the many 2-3 hour tours that’ll guide you to the many scenes and give you some fun, inside information as well) but I’ll point out the 5 best places from Game of Thrones filming.

Top5 Game of Throne sights in Dubrovnik

  • Minceta tower, where scenes from the House of the Undying were shot
  • Fort Lovrjenac, which doubles as the Red Keep
  • St. Dominic Street (market place)
  • Fort Bokar, where Joffrey plans to make use of the cannons
  • Pile Gate, where there’s a riot among the citizens of King’s Landing

All these sites can be visited be either strolling around in the city or walking the city wall. You can by a ticket for the city walls here at the official Dubrovnik Walls website for 15€. Be aware that other websites sell these tickets at inflated prices.

Game of Thrones sites near Dubrovnik

If you want to venture further out, there are some interesting places (not only Game-of-Thrones-related) nearby which give some beautiful experiences and revisit some of the scenes from the show:

  • Lokrum (small, nearby island), home of the fictional city of Quarth
  • Trsteno Arboretum gardens (about 30-minute drive from Dubrovnik) where several scenes with the plotting Tyrell House are shot

In this map from Dubrovnik’s Tourist Office, you can find the sites featured in Game of Thrones and discover where Queen Cersei schemed or Jaime Lannister walked. If you’re spending more time in Croatia and has been captivated by the Game of Thrones spirit, try visiting Split, that doubled as Mereen, where Daenarys was crowned, or Šibenik, that was turned into Braavos in season 5.

The ancient city state of Dubrovnik was formerly known as Ragusa and defied the mighty realm of nearby Venice. Not only the surroundings of this once great city are epic – its story is as well!

And even if you just came for the Game of Thrones views, this town and it’s story will amaze you, so you’ll take the true stories of Ragusa with you and know the history of this ancient part of the world.

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