Klis – Fortress, Food & Game of Thrones

Travel journalist Anita Palada travels back in history, to the cradle of the Croatian region of Dalmatia. The imposing fortress of Klis is tied to the origins of Dalmatia and has served as stronghold for kings and last defence against Ottoman forces that lay siege of Klis for decades.

It commands the mountainous hinterland of seafront Split and has a history and heritage that far supersedes its imaginary role as Meereen in Game of Thrones. The true facts and faces of Klis are way more interesting than fiction.

Croatian wines – Phenomenal & Presidential

Travel journalist and wine enthusiast Anita Palada continues her investigation of the indigenous grapes of Croatia and finds how wines with unfamiliar names such as Dingač and Crljenak end up on the table of US President Joe Biden.

Dalmatian winegrowers are pouring their heart and soul into these magical drops. They know that nothing great in this world has ever been created without emotions, including the intoxicating wines of Dingač and Zinfandel!

Istria – from lazy sunbathers to frantic families

The Istrian peninsula has grown immensely popular among holiday-seekers from all over Europe, as it has everything it takes to satisfy the whole family: Clear blue waters for the kids, sun and shopping for the teenagers, culture and good food for the parents. And all at a more affordable price than in, let’s say Italy.…

Game of Thrones magic in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones is filmed on location in many beautiful, impressing and epic sites in Europe. From dramatic Malta to gloomy Scotland, the TV show has combined the magic of certain locations with the illusion of computer graphics – and has captivated an entire world audience as spectators to this epic drama. You yourself can be…

The birthplace of Zinfandel

The Zinfandel grape was not always a super sexy wine from the sunny hills of California. Before this American sweetheart became everybody’s favourite, it lived a harsh life on the Dalmatian hillsides. And it’s name was Crljenak Kaštelanski. A team of enthusiasts led by Croatian born Californian winemaker Mike Grgich challenged the Zinfandel viticultural community…

Split – the difference

What made the emperor Diocletian choose this very spot for his retirement home more than 2.300 years ago, is not recorded. What he thought about when he watched the sun sink into the west, into the Dalmatian ocean, is not remembered. What remains, though, is this amazing open-air museum slash lively scene slash tourist mecca.…