Lux = Lilliputian country with great scenery

Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Luxusbourg or just Lux; This lilliputian country has a lot to offer – despite it’s small size!

From the north of the country, where dark forests cling to the rocky cliff sides of the Our river, providing spectacular Wild River water rafting opportunities and stunning views to old fortresses, like in Vianden. To the southern part of the country, to the east, bordering Germany with the river Moselle, which flows lazily with lots of vineyards on its shores and hillsides, like in Echternach.

Just like the German region around Moselle is perfect for long-distance cycle holidays, mountainbike tracks and hiking, so is Luxembourg.

Luxembourg city itself is a lilliputian version of a capital; grand, yet cosy – international, yet homey.

Because of the small distances, Luxembourg is a perfect country to conquer on bike or foot. Next time we come back (’cause we surely will!) we’ll bring our mountainbikes in order to roam the hillsides on two wheels instead of four!

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