Bayonne – much more than ham

Famed for its ham, luckily Bayonne has much more to offer. The old, charming town is set by the banks of the lazy river Nive and has kept its medieval charm while some of the glitter of neighbouring Biarritz has stimulated the number of tourists visiting Bayonne and discovering this charming city.

The houses to the Nive are great examples of Basque architecture and the pedestrianised streets to the east are filled with different, small shops. In the heart of old Bayonne lies the Cathedral with its charming cloisters and cobblestone streets extend from here to the corners of the city.

Even though Bayonne lies in France, we are in Basque country and everybody are Basque. Basque and proud of it! Basque first and French secondly. And with good reason! Read about our encounter with the Basque pride and heritage here.

Being a part of the Basque region means, that Bayonne is also blessed with a great cuisine. And yes; the ham IS great, too!!bayonne-8


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