Cats of Athens

Athens is probably the first city in Europe, where we’ve seen the many stray cats belonging to the entire community. Lounging on an ancient pillar, looking out from the Parthenon or sleeping in the green bedding of the many archaeological sites, these furry predators keep the rats in check when you’re not scratching them behind the ear.

The Greek love their cats and they are not shy to give back some of that love. 

Your best chances for a furfix is around Thiseio, where the Ancient Agora provides a large refuge and the many restaurants along Adrianou street may award them a bite or two. Another spot is the restaurant Dióskouroi between the Ancient Agora and the Acropolis. Here you can enjoy a Freddo Espresso while a tabby circles around your legs. The most friendly – and velvety soft – one we met in the lovely (and free to enter) garden behind the Byzantine Museum, looking like the Egyptian godess Bast.

There are so many cute kitties in Athens, chances are that you’ll find your very own favourite. Now go pet!

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