The quietest Rally in the world is Green – in Croatia

The black cars move fast and silent along the sunsoaked coast of Croatia, reflecting the blue of the ocean. There are no loud engines, no nauseating petrol fumes. Only the sound of the ocean – and bystanders cheering the cars on. The Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2022 is well underway.

This unique rally is for electric vehicles only and is the 9th in Croatia since 2014. The 850 km route is dubbed the “Green electric route” and runs through some of Croatia’s most beautiful landscapes. The rally began in Rovinj this Monday and continues along the coast of Istria, over Šibenik, before ending in Zadar on Saturday, June 11th. Since the rally is open to everyone with an electric vehicle – and good driving skills – the participants every year is an international crowd, joining from all over Europe to promote e-mobility while enjoying some of the most beautiful roads – while having fun.

The Nikola Tesla EV Rally is all about promoting e-mobility, renewable energy and sustainable travel while showcasing the beauty of Croatia. 50 race teams get to test their driving skills on closed circuits, panoramic roads and even an airfield. Every day the race ends in a public place, where everyone is invited to have a closer look at the cars and realise the potential of electric vehicles.

The project is a collaboration between E.V.A. BLUE, a green tech company and leader in e-mobility in Croatia since 2011, the Croatian Tourist Board HTZ and other local municipalities. The Rally is also supported by Šibenik Tourist Board, Zadar Tourist Board and SI Tourist Board. The Nikola Tesla EV Rally has been named one of the Top10 most innovative premium projects in the world by McCann marketing agency, and has been part of the Istria Ecoxperience Tourist Guide since 2018. And why shouldn’t it be here, in the homeland of Nikola Tesla that a unique event like this should take place. After all, he valued originality.

“I don’t care that they stole my idea; I care that they don’t have any of their own”

Nikola Tesla

The race drivers are pampered the whole week of the rally in 4 and 5 stars hotels and with the best of Croatian wine and cuisine. After all, nothing brings people together like good food. The rally also offers days of relaxing or sightseeing in the sunkissed climate of Croatia. A day of sailing around the Kornati islands, or perhaps a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Trogir or Krk National Park? The contestants have ample choice on the rest days to experience the abundance Croatia has to offer.

On Saturday, after the final skill tests at the Višnjik Sport Center in Zadar, the winning team is announced, awarded and celebrated. The award ceremony will be lead by the Mayor of Zadar and is to take place on the coast, by the solar panel art installation “Greeting to the Sun”. But even if you didn’t get to participate in this year’s rally, you can still travel to Croatia and drive its “Green Electric Tourist Highway” with charging stations at the most attractive tourist locations like Rovinj, Paklenica National Park, Smiljan, Poreč, Zagreb, Zadar and many other places.

This rally is green – and so is the future. Come to Croatia to find inspiration for your next e-mobility adventure.

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