Promoting Green Mobility & Croatia for 10 years

For 10 days in May the Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2023 celebrated its 10th anniversary by showcasing green mobility while presenting the beauty of Croatia to the rally participants.

From the charming seaside village of Rovinj on the Istrian peninsula to the historic city of Split in Dalmatia, the contestants could test their driving skills, parade their superb and silent electric vehicles and experience the best of Croatia’s cultural heritage, natural beauty and enogastronomy.

The quietest Rally in the world is Green – in Croatia

The black cars move fast and silent along the sunsoaked coast of Croatia, reflecting the blue of the ocean. There are no loud engines, no nauseating petrol fumes. Only the sound of the ocean – and bystanders cheering the cars on.

The Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2022 is well underway.

Discover a unique race, only for electric vehicles, in the homeland of Nikola Tesla. A race, where YOU are invited to join!