Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants of Las Palmas

There is an air of exclusivity about a Rooftop venue. Perhaps it’s because you are elevated above the masses of ordinary people, that you come to feel extraordinary. It could be because the noise of the city dies away and the tranquility soothes your soul. Or just maybe it’s because you’re mentally back in your childhood’s treehouse with a select group of friends, hiding from the boredom of daily life and making plans for an exciting future. 

Join us in discovering an awesome cocktail bar
A hotel's Crown Jewel overlooking the beach
A central spot with live music
A Boutique hotel's rooftop bar
Your pizza will be look out on Las Canteras city beach
Have Tapas with a view of the marina
Sip some of the best cocktails in Las Palmas
We also found a quiet place to enjoy a cool drink

Exclusivity, tranquility and an unspoken promise of a magical night out are the features, that characterise these of our favourite Rooftop hideouts in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The gentle climate of this bountiful island only adds to the charm.

Join us in discovering an awesome cocktail bar, an Italian restaurant overlooking Las Canteras city beach, a boutique hotel which rooftop bar and swimming pool offers gorgeous views of the cathedral ..and many more. Welcome to the most exclusive locations in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

La Azotea de Benito

One of the choicest cocktail bars of Las Palmas. There you have it. If you’re going to visit only one cocktail bar while in Las Palmas, you better make it this one. Not only is the décor cool, chic and classy, their cocktails are hand-crafted with pride, passion and precision. Award you senses with a visit. After all: vacation is about self-pampering, right?

You take the elevator from inside the outdated shopping centre Monopol, just before the Triana neighbourhood turns into the Vegueta historic centre. The terrace is spacious and dominated by a well-stocked bar made of reused door frames. Sofas, lounge chairs and bar tables complete the look. You can have cocktails, wine, beer and snacks. And the cocktails are really something – so good you just want to come back again and again to try a new one!

They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00. Just in time to enjoy the sunset over Las Palmas and get ready for a night out.


The only Rooftop bar in the calm and historic quarter of Vegueta forms part of the boutique hotel VEINTIUNO and offers unique views of the cathedral. Their Rooftop bar is open to the public and here you can lounge in sunbeds and take in the view, sit in the cabana style bar and sip a G&T, or laze in the lounge chairs among house plants and greenery.

It’s a great spot for a Sunday brunch as well (from 10:00 to 12:00, just gotta reserve ahead), or you can go “all in” and decide to stay in one of their 11 individually decorated rooms. The charming hotel just opened in 2018 and exudes a cosy, welcoming atmosphere coupled with chic interior design.

The passion of owners Alexandra and Paco is felt everywhere in the hotel, design and rooftop bar. The bar serves wine, local beer and basic cocktails and is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 23:00, Saturdays from 10:00 to 23:00 and Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00


Sitting beside the marina, this rooftop restaurant is located on the first floor of another popular restaurant, Allende Muelle and is accessible from the back of the building. And it’s worth locating their somewhat hidden entrance, because the terrace offers great views of the many boats, ships and yachts in the marina.

Pantalan serve both seafood based dishes as well as delicious tapas, meats, pasta, rice and salads. We lunched “Spanish style”; sharing 4 tapas or entradas among 2 persons and enjoying a crisp white wine and beer. We can recommend trying the assortment of Canarian cheeses and the Canarian wrinkled potatoes with local Mojo sauces.

Even when it’s windy or rainy weather, you can sit inside the restaurant and enjoy the views of the port from inside the large windows. They are open every day from noon until eleven in the evening.

Velero 1906

Another marina venue is Velero 1906. The restaurant downstairs serve tapas, burgers, meats, rice, casseroles and salads. We came for the rooftop however, where you can only enjoy different beverages and the complimentary peanuts. It overlooks the marina and Alcaravaneras beach and is a great spot to hit on your way home from this nice city beach.

Their generously sized Gin & Tonics will keep you occupied at least an hour, but thankfully there’s no hurry: it’s one of the last plots on the marina to enjoy the setting sun, and although downtown Las Palmas will block your view of the sunset, you remain sun-kissed until half an hour before sunset. The chairs and sofas on the exposed rooftop may have seen better days, but on the other hand the venue is not overly crowded if you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a cool drink.

Velero 1906 is opened every day from noon till midnight, Sunday only until 17:00.

El Tendedero de Catalina

Now we’re getting closer to the tourist centre of Las Palmas: Santa Catalina square and the pace is picking up. The Rooftop Bars are more popular, party-goers flock to the cocktail lounges and dance music beckons you to start partying.

El Tendedero de Catalina Rooftop Bar sits atop Bed&Chic hotel and you take the hotel elevator upstairs to get to it. Up here you have wonderful views of Santa Catalina square (eminent spot during Carnaval season, where you have direct view to the carnival stage). The cocktail menu tempts with 10 different cocktails, a nice selection of beer, some wine and snacks. You can even have something from the downstairs restaurant La Catalina brought up.

When we came, a Saturday afternoon, a DJ was getting the groove on while evening descended upon Las Palmas and the bright city lights began to twinkle. El Tendedero de Catalina is a “must” on any Las Palmas Pub crawl itinerary and a perfect spot for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail. They’re open Thursday to Sunday from 17:00 to 02:30, Sunday only to 23:00.


Design Plus Bex Hotel

Calm, cool and collected. This Design hotel just south of Santa Catalina square exudes Art Deco elegance with its cool interior design in a former bank building. They offer 97 luxury rooms with decorations inspired from the hotel’s glorious past, and even the breakfast room in the former banking vault tells a unique story with its decor.

Luckily, you don’t have to afford a room to enjoy their gorgeous rooftop terrace and bar. But the sun beds, lounge sofas and a bar will beckon you to stay forever. They are open every day from noon until midnight and regularly have live music in the weekends. Check out their Facebook page for further info.

The best time to arrive is just around sunset, when Las Palmas starts to twinkle. As the sky turns dark blue, the whole city lies illuminated at your feet and the Rooftop bar offers 360° views of the city centre and the +6.000 people cruise ships docked at the port.


Location, Location, Location. Located right on the Paseo las Canteras; the seaside promenade of one of the world’s best city beaches, this elevated spot is a nice spot to take in the beach vibe. This upstairs venue is accessible from the downstairs O Sole Mio restaurant and is open for lunch from around 13:00. Casablanca is also a popular place for a post-beach cocktail, an evening meal or a night cap.

They generally serve the Italian based menu from downstairs O Sole Mio restaurant, but the decor and ambiance is different. It’s airy, light and casual whereas the downstairs restaurant is shadowy. From the rooftop tables you have a wonderful perspective of the lively beach and the busy promenade.

So favorable is the location, that you can forgive the restaurant its somewhat mediocre food and exaggerated prices. Location comes with a price, and as a customer, you’re the one paying for it. We enjoyed it for its exquisite setting and hope they won’t (continue to) rest on their laurels.

Terraza Tamarán

Probably the best place in Las Palmas to enjoy the sun set over Las Canteras beach and let the lazy, golden rays of sun and the soft breeze caress your soul. Crowning the 8th floor of Hotel Aloe Canteras, their Rooftop Bar Terraza Tamarán is open to everyone and is popular among locals as well. And that’s usually the best assurance of excellency!

You can either sit in comfortable lounge sofas or at the tall tables, overlooking the Las Canteras beach. The bar serves a wide selection of beverages as well as some popular cocktails, and the waiters are smiling and attentive. It just has a really good vibe.

Terraza Tamarán is open from Wednesday to Sunday 16:00 to 23:00 and has the potential to become your favourite hangout spot in Las Palmas!

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