Top 5 Restaurants with a View in Valencia

There’s nothing like dining or drinking with a vista. Looking down upon the bustling pedestrians from a rooftop restaurant or taking in the scenery from a café with a view, soaking up the blessed rays of the sun. Especially in wintertime, it’s even essential to find a warm, sunny spot if you want to sit outside and enjoy a meal al fresco. Here’s our guide to Valencia’s Top 5 rooftop restaurants & bars with a view!

The Valentia Sky

This rooftop hideout was one of our favourites during the month of January when we visited Valencia. With a view to the roofs of the Cathedral and historic quarter of Valencia, on the rooftop of the hotel The Valentia, this elegant eatery, comfortable cocktail lounge and cosy café has everything.

I love to dine among rooftops, to be elevated above the frenzied crowds on the street, literally seeing things from above and discovering details you hadn’t seen before, because your perspective has changed. This place certainly gives you ample chance for that, with a direct view to the Cathedral. The décor is elegant, there are tables inside and outside and lounge furniture outside under a pergola, that just beckons for a cocktail and a sunbeam.

The menu is eclectic, from tapas and salads to paella and pizza – all at reasonable prices. It’s open all year round.

Ateneo Sky Bar

The higher the location, the better the view – in my opinion. But it can be hard to track down those spots in the sky where you can feel like an Olympic god and look down upon the mere mortals. Ateneo Sky Bar is just one of them and centrally located at the main square Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

You can’t see it from the street, and the entrance is tucked away in the street behind the square, but the view is worth the search! In wintertime, you can enjoy an afterwork drink or an evening cocktail from 17:00 at the outside terrace next to the restaurant. Here, you can marvel at the imposing architecture of Valencia while sipping your favourite aperitif. When the weather permits, the restaurant lays the outside tables and you can enjoy some al fresco dining as well. Check with the doorman at the bottom entrance what your choices are.

They often have DJ’s playing and a set lunch menu for good value. Check out their Facebook page for more info.



Delivers what it promises. Set next to the popular beach of Playa Del Cabanyal as a part of the new marina, this restaurant offers wining & dining, or just a coffee or a cocktail, with amazing views to the sand and sea.

With nothing to obstruct the view or shade you from the blessed winter rays, it’s a great place to soak up some sun in the wintertime. Glass screens provide shelter from the wind without blocking the view and if weather doesn’t invite for outside lounging, the indoor, glass encased restaurant will give you that outdoor feeling you were coming for. Without freezing your butt off.

The food is excellent quality although I may consider it in the pricey range. A good deal though is their weekday lunchtime menu for around 20€. A coffee and cake however, will be in everybody’s price range.

Marina Beach Club

This uber-trendy Beach Club features everything from a restaurant (with a view), lounge area (with a view), infinity pool (with a view) and in the summertime even a SkyBar. I don’t have to tell you, it has a view, right?

The Beach Club extravaganza overlooks Playa Del Cabanyal just 200 metres west of Panorama restaurant and is the luxury choice if you want to spend a day at the beach, but can’t be bothered by having sand between your toes. There’s no reason to go down to the beach either, as you can eat, drink, work on your suntan and occasionally cool yourself off with a dip in the pool here. But heaven comes at a price. A double sunbed at the pool costs from 50€ and up per person per day.

The Beach Club is not just a summertime bliss. In wintertime, you can dine outside if weather permits or enjoy the views and cuisine inside the round glass encased restaurant. The outside lounge sofas are a great place to enjoy a drink and watch the beach bustle with neverending activity.

Mala Bar at Veles e Vents

The sleek design of the Veles e Vents building can’t be ignored, when you stroll the hip new marina of Valencia. It was built to accommodate the guests and spectators of America’s Cup in 2007 and won the LEAF Award, a prestigious European architectural prize for its design.

Nowadays it houses a couple of restaurants, of which Mala Bar, located on the 1st floor, has the best view. The so-called Cerveceria serves unpretentious grub at fair prices. A burger won’t set you back more than 10€ and the three-course weekday lunch menu is a mere 12€. It has superb views of the marina and you can choose between sofas in the sun and tables in both sun and shade. Or inside the trendy temple of beer and burgers. It’s open from Thursday to Sunday in wintertime and longer in the summertime.

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