24-hour party in San Sebastián, Spain

The Tamborrada of San SebastiánEvery year on the night of January 19th at 12 o’clock in the evening to the night of the 20th January the people of San Sebastián celebrate the festival “Tamborrada of Donostia” – join them!

For 24 hours the city will echo the sound of drums as men, dressed as cooks and soldiers, march around the city. The party begins at midnight at Konstituzio Plaza, where the mayor raises the flag of San Sebastián. 24 hours later the flag is lowered and the party is – at least officially – over.

But the party’s not only for adults – when the children wake on the morning of the 20th, after hearing drums all night, they do their own version of the Tamborrada for kids. As the grown-up kids, they traditionally are dressed as soldiers and march around the city. Children from all the schools of San Sebastián march that day.

Ear-plugs advised.


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