Wonderful skiing in Austria

We’ve just returned from a week in the snow in homely Austria.

With perfect powder, blue skies and a jagatee to keep us warm, Austria is the perfect spot for skiers, snowboarders and winter trekkers.Panorama of Körbersee


We stayed in the small town of Mellau which has been a well-kept secret for years. Now – however – they have installed some new lifts, connecting the little area with others, expanding their infrastructure. This means more than 50 ski runs keeping you busy for at least some days!

But the area is still authentic and hasn’t the reputation of a party place like St. Anton!

Lunch is no problem, as there are lots of cosy mountain restaurants to choose from. We usually kept to the goulash soup, but you can bring your own food as well and sit outside and enjoy the sun and the view.

The skiing for the day is complete with a “talabfahrt”, a descent through the woods and over streams to the pension we are staying at.

After a hearty meal in one of the 10 restaurants to choose from and a nightcap like “Heisse Witwe” (hot widow), Feigerl or “Beschwipste Helene” we are fatigued and sleep like babies.

Waking up the next day, peeping out to a blue sky, a skiers heart is satisfied and ready for a new day!

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