Baby, it’s cold outside!

That’s why it was nice at our short visit to Lübeck – the UNESCO World Heritage protected medieval Hanseatic city in northern Germany – to drop in to one of the many cafés, when our nose were cold and the battle of self-discipline was lost to the display of wonderful cakes.

Wandering the cobblestone streets can build up quite an appetite and we savoured on coffee, cocoa and cake at the cosy Niederegger Café with a nice view to the town square.

The medieval part of the city is easy to conquer on foot as it’s centered on a small island on the river Trave connected to the main land by bridges. The oldest of the bridges are still protected by some of the old as the famous Holstentor which dates back to 1216. A visit to the museum inside the old building is recommended!

At the town square a skating rink is installed and young and old enjoy themselves skating round and round to the sound of the latest poptunes and with the whiff of roasted almonds in their nostrils. As we visited in the beginning of the New Year, unfortunately we missed the legendary Christmas Fair, but hey – then we have an excuse to come back!

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