Pursuit of the right angle: Photo conquest of Neuschwanstein Castle

Photographer Tom Wayman ventured beyond the regular trails to capture the magic of Neuschwanstein Castle in the south of Germany, near the Austrian border. This palace rather than castle is said to have inspired Walt Disney for the castle in Sleeping Beauty and there’s no denying its fairytale beauty.

Built by Ludwig II, former King of Bavaria, as an homage to Robert Wagner’s operas, this castle is indeed very theatrical AND it utilises the majestic alps as backdrop. Or viewpoint, depending on your perspective. Tom Wayman scaled the mountains in order to capture its beauty. Here’s his exploration in pictures:

My recent shoot in Neuschwanstein was a bit of an adventure for me.

Basically, I had spent days travelling across Europe and only had a short time frame to capture the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle.

Although being one of the most recognised castles in the world, it is not easy to get to…

The castle sits atop a hill and when photographed from a certain perspective, the results looks magical.

When I finally arrived, the weather wasn’t looking great..

The visibility was very low and heavy snow was forecast.

On the climb up, the views of Hohenschwangau Castle and the lake with the same name were breathtaking.

On my way to the top of the mountain, I discovered that the bridge that contains the only accessible viewpoint, was closed due to maintenance.

This bridge is completely abandoned – a rare sight.

Although things were looking bleak, I decided that I had come too far to not capture this amazing piece of architecture.

I found my way into an area not normally accessible.

As you can see from the photos, not only did the visibility seem to miraculously clear up, but the viewpoint was even more incredible than what I could have hoped for.

This image showcases the exact shot I came for. Not far from the bridge, and taken from a slightly more elevated and unique angle, this one photo made the days of travel and transit all worthwhile

Sometimes, damp weather can ruin a photoshoot. And sometimes it can add to its charm, like it ended up doing in this case.

A visit inside the castle is recommended as well!

About Tom Wayman

Tom Wayman is a photographer from Melbourne, Australia who is currently residing in Europe. He has worked as an event photographer for the past 5 years. Having visited over 33 countries across 4 continents, Tom is also an avid traveller. He loves the intrigue and excitement of visiting new locations and taking advantage of the diverse photography options that are presented.

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