Heidelberg – a romantic intellectual

Heidelberg is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and will spellbind you from the moment you drive towards it from the other side of the Neckar river. Located in southwest Germany in the region of Baden-Württemberg, this charming city is surrounded by steep hills and stunning nature, underscored by a winding river and dominated by a castle ruin. It has no less than four breweries and lacks nothing viticulturally either, as it’s near the Pfalz, the second largest wine region in Germany.

It’s an absolute delight to wander the streets of the old town and enjoy the historical atmosphere and the architecture, that ranges from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque and Jugendstil – the German Art Nouveau. The fact, that Germany’s oldest university has been here since 1386, not only provides the city with some marvelous buildings, but with a youthful air as well.

Above the old town, the old castle ruin in red stone towers amidst green forest-clad hills and makes it one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Let this romantic intellectual enchant you:

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