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Deep in the heart of Europe lies a land of emperors, waltz and schnitzel. A haven for hikers, skiers and city lovers. From the magnificent palaces of Vienna to the steep mountains of the Alps, every tourist can find something exactly to their taste. Jen Miller has found the Best Things To Do in Austria – here are some of them:

Austria is the birthplace of famous classic celebrities like Mozart (learn more about Salzburg’s musical prodigy – and chocolate – in this article), Sigmund Freud and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Its history is rich with wars, splendour and intrigue. The rich culture, which has generated countless pieces of art, music, books and plays, is present throughout the entire country. And there’s good news for Foodies as well, as the local cuisine is delicious.

Below we have gathered 10 of the Top 100 Things To Do When in Austria, where you can also discover the best-kept secrets, hidden places and off-the-beaten track surprises to make your stay in Austria unforgettable. You can learn the other 90 by following the link in the bottom of this article.

Let’s take a look at what you should not miss when you visit the former empire:

#1 – Nationalbibliothek in Vienna

The Austrian National Library is not just a must see for its books, but also for the beautiful interior (one of the most beautiful in Vienna) and four museums inside it. The amount of knowledge gathered there might just inspire you to become the next great inventor.

#2 – To the Top of Rosshütte in Tirol

Rosshütte is a small ski resort in the Tirol alps. The only way for non-skiers to get to the top there – and subsequently get to enjoy the amazing views – is the cable car. The resort itself is also worth a visit; it has slopes for all levels of skiing. If you are not visiting for the snow, just go to the top and snap a picture.

#3 – Coffee and Cake in Salzburger Altstadt

Old town city centres are simply the best. Magnificent architecture, delicious street food and shopping until you go dropping- or broke. For an authentic Salzburg experience, take this 2-hour tour and enjoy your coffee and cake. Or visit the oldest restaurant in Europe and experience Salzburger Nockerln.

#4 – Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna

The famous and crazy architect Hundertwasser built structures that stand out. Among the rectangular shapes of the inner city, the wavy forms of the Hundertwasser House stand in pleasant contrast. A unique experience and a must see.

#5 – Highline179 Suspension Bridge in Reutte

Not for the faint at heart! At a height of 114 meters and a length of 406, the Highline179 is sure to take your breath away – and that is even before you step out on it. The view is amazing, whether you look around or down as it connects Ruine Ehrenberg with Fort Claudia. But don’t be afraid: the bridge is well secured and can hold 500 people at once.

#6 – Schloss Esterházy Wine Tour in Eisenstadt

You may be a bit sick of castles by now.. You’ve probably seen enough of them to think that they’re all the same anyway. However, the Esterhazy Palace offers the largest wine museum in Austria. The tour is self-guided; we are not sure if that means one will be left unsupervised with the wine barrels. Find out yourself!

#7 – Alpine Coaster in Imst

Are you a thrill seeker? An adrenaline junkie that never can  get enough? Well, the Imst Alpine Coaster will surely leave you buzzing with endorphins for the rest of the day. The ride is 3,535 meters long and reaches break neck speeds. However, that isn’t even the beginning. Did I mention the 6 meter drops? Woooooooohooooooooooooo!

#8 – A UNESCO World Heritage gaze from Hallstatt

From the still lake of Hallstatt, climb to the highest peak around and enjoy the view. The mountains and the lake make it a picture worth painting. If you’re in Salzburg, hop on this World Heritage View and imagine you are flying.

#9 – Sound of Music Tour at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

Another tourist gem placed in the heart of Salzburg is a movie star as well. “Sound of Music” was filmed there and on other locations nearby, all of which are included in the 4-hour sound-of-music tour. Recognize the iconic scenes from the movie and relive the classic moments. Watching the movie the night before is definitely recommended!

#10 – Schafberg Cog Railway in St. Wolfgang

The Schafberg Cog Railway will take you straight to the top of Mount Schafberg in a 35 minute trip. It is the steepest railway in Austria, so think twice if you are scared of heights. We only recommended taking the trip on a sunny day, as there won’t be much to see otherwise. But on a nice day, the views are spectacular.

Check out the other 90 cool things to do or amazing stuff to see in Austria on Jen Miller’s recommendations for the 100 Best Things to do in Austria.

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  1. Fun Fact:
    The Esterházy castle is actually a Hungarian castle. Mr. Esterházy was one of the most iconic lord in Hungarian history of course just after Széchényi István.Lajos Kossuth and Sándor Petőfi.

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