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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756 and the city is immensely proud of their musical prodigy. With the vast selection of all things Mozart, including not just one but TWO Mozart museums, you’re guaranteed to learn everything about – and buy anything pertaining – the Austrian composer.

And if you need an energy boost after the Mozart museums and Mozart shopping, there are the even chocolate balls named Mozartkugeln.

Mozart merchandising

Chocolate is such a serious matter, that there’s a local competition going on, which chocolate balls are the most authentic. At first, we tried the chocolate (because one should always have chocolate first!) from Mirabell. This brand is over-represented quantity-wise, but the original Mozartkugeln are from Paul Fürst. You can buy them from the elegant Conditorei Fürst and they are the best. We are speaking from personal experience of course – we would never dream on making serious chocolate assumptions without tasting!

Then there are Mozart cd’s, umbrellas, music boxes, fridge magnets, postcards, perfumes, watches and jewellery, pencils, dolls, t-shirts, books. The list goes on. The astonishing thing is, that the supply of all things Mozart is equally balanced by the demand. Everyone buys something Mozart related while in Salzburg.

Don’t despair – If the choices are overwhelming: always choose chocolate!

Mozart museums

We only visited one of the Mozart museums, and at that point of the day (late afternoon) the oxygen was spent. No more oxygen left. Only carbon dioxide and the fumes of other tourists. With an oxygen deprived brain one does not function well in a museum, nor does one think that the selection is interesting.

Let us therefore just recommend, that you come earlier: less fumes – more oxygen.

Dirndl and lederhosen

Another thing that struck us on our visit to Salzburg was the casual use of the national outfits: the dirndl for women and lederhosen for men. After suppressing or first giggle when we saw an outfitted couple walking past us, we quickly realised that dressing in their national garment is just as natural for the Salzburgers as dressing in “normal” smart clothes.

And after a couple of national-garmented couples we even began to think, that they looked quite dashing! And even the young hipsters wear their lederhosen proud: with scull t-shirt and Converse sneakers. Something tells me, that this is a national outfit, that will survive the next generation.

Now I want a pair of lederhosen!

Not just the traditions are old here, they’re supposed to have the oldest restaurant here in Salzburg as well. Read about our dinner in Stiftskeller St. Peter.

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