Oyster Trophy Week

I readily admit it: I didn’t know what Oyster Trophy Week was until an hour ago, and this is happening right under my nose, in my own country, let alone in my own region.

Well, if you don’t know what it is either, lets get enlightened together!

Oyster Trophy Week is held in week 42, which coincidentally in Denmark corresponds with autumn vacation with that effect, that many people have taken the week off to spend time with their children.

And what better way to spend time with children than walking on the beach, playing in the waves and making sandcastles. Well, in Denmark in autumn when it’s 8 degrees Celsius, moist (to be gentle about it) and windy, that’s not a delight! Except if there’s food involved – then we’re game!

Oyster safari

As the observant reader, you have already guessed that it’s about oysters. Oysters are, for me, mentally linked to France; to Normandy, Brittany or the Atlantic coast where sturdy French fishermen bring in the fresh catch to this rural brasserie, where my fresh, by-waiter-opened oyster is getting a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice, before gulped down with a chilled glass of dry white. All while a gentle breeze and sunbeams are caressing my face.

Not hiking around in waders kneedeep in the ocean with a strong gale painting my nose pink and perhaps a wee bit snotty. Struggling to get those little, stonehard suckers to open whilst probably cutting my icy hands. All the while I start to loose feeling in my toes.. and legs.. and hands..

No all right – joking aside; when dressed properly this wet excursion will provide you with fresh air, a good exercise and a wonderful nature experience. Oh – and oysters, too!

During the Oyster Trophy Week there are lots of guided tours – most of them along the west coast of Denmark, but some also in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Besides the fresh air you’ll gain knowledge of the best oyster harvesting spots and the nature guide will provide you with a lot of interesting information on oysters and the area you’re hiking in.

Oyster Safari

Oyster Season = “R”-month

In Denmark, at least, oyster and mussel season is during all the months, that has an R in their name. And because we only have 4 months of good weather, that leaves 8 months for oyster-picking with waters cool enough to prevent all sorts of algae and bacteria to thrive.

The Oyster Trophy Week offers oyster events of all kinds for both experts and novices. Some events focus on the oyster’s place in the Danish nature, others focus on the rich cultural heritage and the many stories related to oysters. And finally, of course, there are gastronomic happenings in which the oyster is the key figure.

Kissing the Sea

Eating oysters is like kissing the sea on the lips,”

..the French poet Leon-Paul Fargue once said, and that’s especially true for eating them cool and raw. But there are lots of other ways to prepare oysters, if you’re not willing to go to first base on your first oyster date.

There are Creamy Oyster and Watercress StewGrilled oysters and Breaded Oysters with Spinach – just to mention a few. Just like mussels, the oysters take on a firm consistency when cooked. But – if you overcook them the result is like rubber. Anyhow, with all these free samples lying around, you’ll have plenty of material to practise!

Read more on the Oyster Trophy Week Facebook page and get inspiration for a lot of oyster experiences.

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