Piazzas and Palazzos: Art of Rome

One of the great things about Rome is, that not only its ancient history is everywhere you look. Its art is as well.

On the piazzas, baroque sculptures crown trickling fountains. Roaring palazzos attest to the potency of their patrons. Galleries show us ancient as well as modern art. Museums display centuries of decorative skills.

Rome is filled to the brim with all this wonderful art. Some are free for everyone to enjoy, others are secured behind ticket counters. But they’re all waiting for you to come admire them.

The Fountains: Waters of Rome

Rome has more fountains than any other city in the world. They are free to view and open both day & night, which makes them a popular attraction. We found 10 fountains, that each have a special story to tell.

The Vatican: Rome of the Popes

The Vatican is the smallest country in the world with approximately 1.000 permanent residents on 44 ha and surrounded by Rome. Yet it is home to the largest church in the world and what is probably the finest museums in Italy. And underneath your feet, a hidden Vatican awaits to be explored.

Venice: Its mystery & magic

By Fabiolla Loureiro – www.fabiollaloureiro.com Venice obviously has some magical powers. How else could it have charmed, fascinated and ensnared its visitors for centuries. Many cities have canals. Other cities have baroque architecture. Yet no-one fascinates as Venice does – and continues to do with visit numbers climbing every year. Black and White Photographer Fabiolla Loureiro went…

Why you should NOT skip Bologna

By Fabiolla Loureiro – www.fabiollaloureiro.com Italy is famous for its great cities, exquisite architecture, arts, culture, fantastic food, wine and outstanding landscapes. Venice is my favourite, but I will share with you my impression about a city that surprised me, la belissima Bologna. It’s not easy to pick a city in Italy as a favourite, as many…

The Most Beautiful Libraries of Rome

Rome is filled to the brink with awesome architecture and amazing art that you can stroll around and enjoy for free. But if you find the churches too crowded, the museums too overwhelming and the urban city too loud, perhaps you just need the meditative silence of a beautiful old library. These antique rooms are…

Spoleto – Crown of Umbria

Perugia may be the regional capital of Umbria, Assisi its spiritual centre but after one month of roaming the region, we must conclude that Spoleto is its crowning piece. As it sits enthroned above the Umbrian valley with its back to the hills of the south, it looks to the north, to the beautiful towns…