Roman Ruins, Megaliths & Bones – It’s Évora!

Visiting Évora and the surrounding area in central Portugal is like a great school field trip that lasts for days. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the culture and history. Go slowly and savour this special place.

Visiting a place where the No1 tourist attraction is bones and skulls had me a little uneasy. Old graveyards are always kind of fun with their big gravestones and crypts, but you don’t usually see any remains of humans. This graveyard was different.

Ancient Architecture: History of Rome

Rome is probably the city in Europe where ancient history is the most visible. You can’t stroll through the Forum without tripping over ancient ruins or walk around the historic centre without encountering one imposing antique structure after another.

History is alive here like no other place and defines the Eternal City. And nothing shouts “Roman history” more than these iconic buildings.

Trier – Roman heritage in Germanys oldest city

Trier: Germany’s oldest city with lots of Roman ruins and buildings, since it was the Roman stronghold in the north of Germany from around 100 BC to around 400 AD. Named Treuorum by the Celts, that funded the city back in 400 BC, renamed Augusta Treverorum by the Roman conquerors and called Treves by the French, today’s…