Trier – Roman heritage in Germanys oldest city

Trier: Germany’s oldest city with lots of Roman ruins and buildings, since it was the Roman stronghold in the north of Germany from around 100 BC to around 400 AD.

Named Treuorum by the Celts, that funded the city back in 400 BC, renamed Augusta Treverorum by the Roman conquerors and called Treves by the French, today’s Trier is one big open-air museum!

And as it’s right on the Moselle river, you can now – as probably in Roman times – enjoy good chilled white wine when the sightseeing is too strenuous or when the mind needs a pause to reflect on the grand history.

I recommend to buy a AntikenCard Basic, if you’re just visiting Trier for a day. For 12€ it gives you access to the exquisite Rheinishes Landesmuseum, which provides you with good background information on the city and 2 roman buildings. We chose the Kaisertherme which were the Emperors thermal baths with underground labyrinth and access to the Porta Nigra, the City Gate and best preserved Roman building north of the Alps.

The Porta Nigra was amazing. Climbing up this ancient structure and admiring Trier from above was my personal highlight.

There are tons of other interesting places to see and not only in Trier, but in neighbouring Luxembourg as well. And the Moselle region is a haven for bikers, hikers and mountainbikers!


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