Budapest at a glance

By Fabiolla Loureiro – I remember the first time I travelled to Budapest… and I precisely remember falling in love with the city in the first couple of hours. You know when you have the feeling that you already know the place, the energy, the people, the atmosphere? You feel so at ease, in the sense…

Palermo City Guide

While Palermo has been named Italian Capital of Culture in 2018, this interesting metropolis might prove to be one of your more rowdy Italian encounters. Ruled in turn by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Germans, French and Spanish before finally becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, Palermo is a melting pot of…

Porto City Guide

Porto is – well deserved – being named as one of the hottest cities in Europe to visit. And with good reason! This trendy city has great architecture, cool cocktail bars, lots of charm, a long history and excellent shopping. Oh yeah: and Port Wine too!

But where to go? What to see? Where is the Port Wine Area? And is it worth going shopping in Porto? Your questions will be answered in this Porto City Guide.