Croatian wines – Phenomenal & Presidential

Travel journalist and wine enthusiast Anita Palada continues her investigation of the indigenous grapes of Croatia and finds how wines with unfamiliar names such as Dingač and Crljenak end up on the table of US President Joe Biden.

Dalmatian winegrowers are pouring their heart and soul into these magical drops. They know that nothing great in this world has ever been created without emotions, including the intoxicating wines of Dingač and Zinfandel!

A walk among the wines

The sun shone mercilessly upon us, as we walked towards the end of our guided “Vignes Vins Randos” wine tour and the temperature was climbing towards 30 ℃. Our trips down the troglodyte caves had lost its cooling effect and everyone in the group walked silently as they concentrated on walking in a straight line.…

Hitler’s secret wine cellar found

A secret cellar at a castle in Germany revealed a number of rare champagnes and cognac. The secret cellar was discovered while renovating the Castle Moritzburg, around 150 km from Berlin. It was restaurant-owner Silvio Stelzer who found the basement in the castle’s park. He took over the castle in Saxony in 2007, but didn’t find…