Hiking in Denmark – The Gendarme Path

Gendarmstien, or The Gendarme Path, is an 84 km hiking route and the first European Quality Trail in Denmark. It follows the eastern part of the Danish/German border, and is roughly comprised of the same paths the old border patrol – the Gendarms – used to police the area from 1920 to 1958 to prevent smugglers bringing in contraband to Denmark.

The trail offers sights of both historic importance as well as scenic, and you encounter many fun facts about Denmark, its history, geology, flora and fauna along the way.

Perpignan: France’s Little-Known City of Colours and Sunshine

When Ava Kabouchy took the plunge and exchanged the Atlantic temperatures of Maine for the Mediterranean temperatures of southwest France, she also gained a completely different colour scheme. Based in Perpignan, she spent 3 years in this multi-cultural city and discovered the many layers of French culture and history.

Follow her, as she takes us through this both French and Catalan city and shows us its vibrant beauty.

Treetop Climbing in Denmark

Denmark is the 2nd flattest country in Europe, only surpassed by The Netherlands by a mere 4 metres. But the Danes don’t let a lack of peaks get in the way of climbing: They head to the trees instead.

Challenge yourself by scaling difficult obstacles many metres above the forest floor, while enjoying the beautiful woodlands and outdoors in Denmark. Here, in the crowns of majestic beech forests, you can get close to a part of nature only reserved for winged creatures and enjoy an active outdoor adventure for the whole family.

The Red Corals of Zlarin

On the island of Zlarin, in the Adriatic Sea of Croatia, red corals have always had magical power.

Croatian travel writer Anita Palada takes us to the bottom of the sea, with coral hunter Mirko Milosević, and to the workshop of coral jeweller Miro Bešker. Here, he transforms the unprocessed aquatic gemstones to unique and acclaimed pieces of jewellery. Like a stone carver, Miro senses the energy of each raw coral and liberates the jewel inside. 

Here’s the story of The Red Corals of Zlarin.

A Real Jurassic Park – In Center of Portugal

The Silver Coast of Portugal is not only a haven for surfers and sunseekers. If you venture just a little further inland, you can encounter million-year-old dinosaur footsteps, psychedelic caves and unique geological phenomenas in the Nature Park of Serras de Aire and Candeeiros.

Here, in this green patch between Porto and Lisbon, you can go back in time, discover a REAL Jurassic Park and follow in the Footsteps of the Dinosaurs.

Aveiro – Art Nouveau Pearl in Portugal

There is a remarkable number of Art Nouveau buildings in Portugal, yet Aveiro still shines a bit more joyful, colourful.

We’ve put together a 5 km walking itinerary that takes you past the 20 most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the centre of Aveiro plus some of its most beautiful sites.
Let’s go for an Art Nouveau stroll in Aveiro!

Top10 Castles of Denmark

Denmark has a surprising amount of castles, manors and palaces. No less than 160 adorn the Danish landscape, from the rich soils of Funen to the aristocratic environment of Zealand. The castles served a number of different purposes. Some were primarily for defensive use, some were residences for Kings and Queens – and some of them still are!

Discover with us a personal Top10 of our favourite castles in Denmark: