Ba-Rock-ing Lecce

Lecce is often called “Florence of the South”, but this Baroque pearl is so much more than a southern version of the capital of the Renaissance up north. It’s an attraction in it own right and its wonderful Baroque architecture, bright buildings, airy plazas and relaxed ambiance makes it one of our favourite cities in Italy. Lecce just rocks!

The beautiful Palazzo dei Celestini
Lecce is magical in the evening
The rich baroque architecture defines this city
Everywhere you look, elegant buildings look back at you
The young generation blows life into Lecce

It’s only because Lecce is tucked away down south, in the heel of Italy, in the blue-sky-and-turquoise-waters region of Puglia, that it’s not over flooded with tourists. Sure, in the summertime, Puglia – and in particular the region of Salento – has become the preferred place of vacation for Italians, and who can blame them, with turquoise waters and white beaches looking like the Maldives. But from April to June and again from September to November, you enjoy between 20 and 30 degrees celsius during the day and even warm enough bathing temperatures to go for a dip.

And when you’ve driven along the rugged Adriatic coastline to the east the whole day, or soaked in the sun on a white beach at the Ionian sea to the west, head for Lecce, where polished marble pavement reflects the rays of the sinking sun and the scream of swallows echoes through the streets.

With all this historic architecture, shiny streets and elegant air to it, you could fear that Lecce was a dusty, lifeless museum of a city. But thanks to the university, the streets are alive with young people and music in the evening. Pleasant enotecas, cool cocktail bars and trendy restaurants cater to the young generation, while home-cooking in family-run trattorias and mouth-watering pastries are on display in the local pasticceria. New and old blend and complement each other in perfect harmony.

Take a walk with us through the ba-rock-ingly beautiful Lecce:


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