About European Travel Magazine

European Travel Magazine is striving to bring you an inspiring online magazine on travel, history, culture and nature in Europe.

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We are a team of travel addicts who loves and lives to travel. We travel all over Europe to bring you in-depth articles on culture, interesting stories on the vast history and nature of the different regions and travel guides, to make it easier for you to experience the abundance, Europe has to offer.

We just love Europe and want to share that love with you, tell you its secrets and show you its beauty.

Come travel with us!

Our passion project

European Travel Magazine is a fairly new online magazine. It started as a way of documenting our love story with Europe, to share our passion for European culture, history and gastronomy with the rest of the world, and to show all the amazing places that make up Europe.

We’re enchanted by both the differences and similarity of the cultures, we’ve met. Whether it’s young Basque people dressing like the abominable snowman in a parade or Italian youngsters practising archery for the contest at the next town festival. They all are actively working on preserving their culture and heritage.

We want to discover the many different heritages, which constitute the European Union and share them with the world. Because learning about other cultures, makes us more aware of our own. Appreciating our own heritage makes us more understanding towards other people’s traditions. And in the end, it’s the respect of other people, that enables us all to live in peace and prosperity together.

Our team

We are a small team with big ambitions. We are: Maj-Britt Skrubel Permien – former IT entrepreneur and Product manager, Michael – former IT Service manager.

Two years ago, we quit our jobs. One year ago, we sold our house and all our stuff and began our journey through Europe, spending one month in different regions, as to truly soak in the culture. We have sampled beer in Belgium, picked grapes in France and gained some pounds indulging in Pintxos in Basque country.

We’ve been pretty busy creating this new website, that’s finally live. Here – and on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we share our discoveries and tell our stories.

Our goals

The primary objective is to share the multitude of experiences, Europe has to offer. “Learn the secrets and discover the beauty” is our slogan and an invitation for everybody to join us in discovering Europe.

This means, that you can utilise us too to report on our adventures – in text or pictures. Whether you are a Magazine looking for in-depth articles about certain subjects like culture, gastronomy, wine and sights or a Tourist Office, wanting to cover an event, tell about leisure activities, or do an online guide to a city, we’re the ones to make that happen!

We can tell a story in pictures too! Or if you’re looking for a photo of something specific, we have more than 20.000 photos in our database. And it’s growing every day.

Our plans for developing the magazine and website involves inviting locals to share their passion for their region, culture and heritage. We want authentic people to tell their stories. That’s how you make original and trustworthy articles, that inspire others to look for a European adventure.

Our invitation

If you have a story inside you, just waiting to be told, contact us and become a part of our team. We can make sure, that your piece gets an international audience and the world wide (web) spotlight, it deserves.

Together, we can inform and inspire the world about travelling to and in Europe, make the world a little smaller and the understanding a bit better.

Let’s tell the secrets and show the beauty together!