Croatian wines – Phenomenal & Presidential

Travel journalist and wine enthusiast Anita Palada continues her investigation of the indigenous grapes of Croatia and finds how wines with unfamiliar names such as Dingač and Crljenak end up on the table of US President Joe Biden.

Dalmatian winegrowers are pouring their heart and soul into these magical drops. They know that nothing great in this world has ever been created without emotions, including the intoxicating wines of Dingač and Zinfandel!

The birthplace of Zinfandel

The Zinfandel grape was not always a super sexy wine from the sunny hills of California. Before this American sweetheart became everybody’s favourite, it lived a harsh life on the Dalmatian hillsides. And it’s name was Crljenak Kaštelanski. A team of enthusiasts led by Croatian born Californian winemaker Mike Grgich challenged the Zinfandel viticultural community…