Art Nouveau Walking Tour in Valencia

Did you know that Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with the greatest collection of Art Nouveau architecture? Or Modernismo, as they call it in Spain? Me neither! Let’s discover these architectural gems together! On this self-guided tour of Valencia we’ll take you past some of the most beautiful buildings and historic architecture in Valencia. Here is the best Art Nouveau architecture in Valencia:

Top 5 Restaurants with a View in Valencia

There’s nothing like dining or drinking with a vista. Looking down upon the bustling pedestrians from a rooftop restaurant or taking in the scenery from a café with a view, soaking up the blessed rays of the sun. Especially in wintertime, it’s even essential to find a warm, sunny spot if you want to sit…

The Holy Grail in Valencia

No, I don’t mean it figuratively. I mean it literally: THE HOLY GRAIL is in Valencia!!

My inner Indiana Jones is wide awake with the mentions of this fabled relic, and the Sacred Chalice can be admired by everyone. But where is the Holy Grail and what is its history?

Learn more about the Sangraal: