Wine Touring in Tuscany – Montalcino

One of the best ways to explore the Tuscan countryside is Wine Touring; driving from vineyard to vineyard along cypress alleys, among olive trees, sampling the wine in its natural habitat. There are plenty of wine areas to choose from and we will present the most important in the following weeks, starting with the prestigious Montalcino.…

Vendanges – Grape picking in France

Tessa Laroche stands in the fermentation room, surrounded by stainless steel tanks and pours us a glass of the 2015 Domaine aux Moines. The pneumatic press behinds us makes some peculiar sounds. She raises her arms, like a conductor, moves her hands in time with the noise and with a slight bow emphasises the last commotion of the press.

Tessa is the maestro and the wine is her symphony.

Crash course in Burgundian wine

Many experts agree upon, that some of the most exciting wines in the world come from Burgundy, a region that begins 100 kms south from Paris and reaches down to Lyon. A 360 kilometre long wine superhighway with stars such as Chablis and Beaujolais. Take a wine road trip with us and learn about what makes the wines different in Burgundy from the rest of France.

Tour de vin

We drove through the lovely countryside portraied in the Tour de France yesterday, visiting the vineyards of Cahors and wine tasting in Chateau de Cayx, where the Danish Queen resides each year in August as the estate belongs to her husband, Prince Henrik. As we thus weren’t invited for lunch, we headed further west towards…

Châteauneuf-du-Pape – The papal wine

With more than 3.200 hectares, or 7.900 acres, is Châteauneuf-du-Pape by far the largest, most famous and distinguished appellation in Rhône. In the year 121 b.C., the region acted as the stage in the crucial battle between the Romans and the Celts. In 1157 the Knights Templar settled in the area and baptized it “Castrum…