Thrifty Tips: How to make the most of your money in London

London is a metropolis that everyone wishes to experience, live in or work in, but this isn’t it’s only characteristic. It’s also well-known for being expensive.

Amberstudent offers some tips on how to make the most of your money in the grand capital of Great Britain, whether you’re a traveller looking for thrifty tips or a student, trying to get the most out of your budget.

Literary Tube Tour of London

London is a city like no other, and the same goes for its literature. As keen bibliophiles, we decided to go about mapping a famous piece of literature to the train station nearest where it was set on the tube map.
Complete your discovery of London’s intellectual attractions by following in the footsteps of its great works of fiction and let famous authors guide you through its streets.

London 1 Week City Guide

Royal Palaces, political attractions, historic churches, Jewish legacy, world-class museums and quintessential British institutions. There are many reasons to visit the capital of the British Empire: London. America-based Saul Schwartz puts us in the passenger’s seat on his well-choreographed visit to this diversified metropolis, that leaves you spoiled for choice. Sit back and enjoy the…

All aboard? Escape to Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper

Aboard the Caledonian Sleeper by Dave Douglas Davis Inverness is the gateway to the north of Scotland and the Scottish isles. The ancient Gaelic city on the River Ness is a launching point for explorers targeting Loch Ness, Skye, the Outer Hebrides, the Orkneys, and even the Shetlands. And although there are many ways to get to the UK’s northernmost city, the most…

Harry Potter’s London

In the previous article From Oxford til Edinburgh: In the footsteps of Harry Potter, we travelled to the spectacular and historical sites of the Harry Potter movies. We’ve been in Oxford, to Cotswold, Gloucester, York, Durham and all the way to Edinburgh. Now it’s time to head to the most dense Harry Potter location in the UK:…