Lisbon Gastro City guide: A taste of Lisbon

Follow in the footsteps of America-based Saul Schwartz as he learns what the capital of Portugal has to offer on a gastronomic level.

What are the options for vegans and vegetarians in a land that prides itself for its bacalhau, fish, meat and poultry dishes?

As Saul embarks on a gastronomical journey through this city that is shaped by its bonds to Brasil, he shares his tips and suggestions for vegans, vegetarians and healthful foodies visiting Lisbon.

Lisbon 4 Day City guide – Daytrip to Sintra

Follow in the footsteps of America-based Saul Schwartz as he learns what the capital of Portugal has to offer.

What is most important to visit in and around Lisbon? Is Sintra National Park really worth carving a whole day out of your busy travel schedule to see?

Saul suggests a free walking tour and further exploration of this World Heritage Site.

In Love with Lisbon

Some cities resonate more in us than others, and we feel that special connection, that compels us to return again and again.
Lisbon keeps Jocelyn Garwood coming back, and every time she discovers something new.

What constitutes quintessential Lisbon? Are Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, The Monastery of São Vicente de Fora and Estufa Fria worth visiting?
Find out when Jocelyn shows us why she’s in love with the capital of Portugal.

Caves, Waterfalls and Walks in Portugal

It was the desire to visit lesser known places that saw traveller and freelance writer Justin Stevens enter the sleepy town of Mira de Aire, which borders the Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros. Although only an hour north of Lisbon, there are no tourist throngs to contend with. Follow Justin on his journey above and below the National Park.

About Portugal

As the oldest nation in Europe, Portugal became a kingdom in 1139 and that lasted until the 1910 Revolution. After the 1910 Revolution, democracy was replaced by an authoritarian regime. In 1974, democracy was restored and living standards increased when the country became member of the European Union. Today, Portugal is a highly developed country…