Literary Tube Tour of London

London is a city like no other, and the same goes for its literature. As keen bibliophiles, we decided to go about mapping a famous piece of literature to the train station nearest where it was set on the tube map.
Complete your discovery of London’s intellectual attractions by following in the footsteps of its great works of fiction and let famous authors guide you through its streets.

Barcelona Beyond Gaudi

Bask in the beauty of Barcelona, that has not only amazing Modernisme architecture but an amazing history as well.

And a city centre that reflect the decades gone by: Romans, Christians, Jews and artists have all made their mark on the capital of Catalunya.

Follow in the footsteps of Saul Schwartz as he discovers Barcelona for the very first time.

London 1 Week City Guide

Royal Palaces, political attractions, historic churches, Jewish legacy, world-class museums and quintessential British institutions. There are many reasons to visit the capital of the British Empire: London. America-based Saul Schwartz puts us in the passenger’s seat on his well-choreographed visit to this diversified metropolis, that leaves you spoiled for choice. Sit back and enjoy the…

Berlin 1 Week City Guide

By Saul Schwartz Follow in the footsteps of America-based Saul Schwartz and his family as they learn what the capital of Germany has to offer. From free walking tours to a day in the museums, Saul suggests an exhaustive itinerary of Berlin’s finest attractions. Whether you want to dig deeper into the Jewish legacy of…

Paris – Portrait of a City

By Fabiolla Loureiro – Paris, the city of love and photography. I remember that when I first started to photograph cities, Paris undoubtedly would become my number one, followed by Budapest and Venice. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, and with an immense cultural background, photography was somehow born in Paris through…

Unusual Venice

By Lorna Real-Del Rosario, Joey’s Lorna Writes Again Venice (Venezia in Italian) is a major tourist destination in Italy and perhaps tops the list as one of the most charming cities in the world. It lies in northern Italy’s Veneto region alongside with other provinces: Verona, Padua, Vicenza and Treviso. The city draws millions and millions…

Sweet bubbles in sleek bottles

The wines from Alsace – Crisp bubbles in sleek bottles

In contrary to the rest of France – like the wines from Burgundy or Châteauneuf du Pape which focus on the appellation – the wines in Alsace are often named after the grape variety. The wine is bottled on distinctive, long-necked bottles, called Flütes d’ Alsace and this is part of the reason, why Alsatian wine is so well-known…