Unveiling the Charms of Calabria

As a travel designer who has explored every corner of Italy, Linda from Italian Itinerary can confidently say that Calabria is a hidden gem that everyone should experience.

This region is known for its crystal-clear sea waters and is dotted with ancient villages, castles, and archaeological parks.

Linda shares the best places to visit and shows why she really fell in love with Calabria.

Dalmatian Gastronomy – Food Stories

Dalmatian cuisine. Any foodie ever been to this part of Croatia will think of black risotto; lobsters and shrimps on a buzara; grilled toothfish, gnats, and squid; grilled octopus; grouper and eel brudet; pašticada with gnocchi and roasted lamb. Rožada, rafioli, kroštula and carob cake. Homemade red wine, prosecco and brandy.

If you’re fortunate enough to visit Split in the summertime, you can try all these delicacies, but if you want a true Dalmatian gastronomic experience, visit Split in October for the eno-gastro event Štorije o’ Spize: Food Stories.

Gastro-adventure in Portugal

There are still places left in Europe where you can indulge in some authentic, honest food. They’re just not usually where the tourists are. To enjoy some genuine, handcrafted food, made from a recipe that’s probably been handed down through generations, you have to travel outside the normal tourist places. This is where the adventure begins.…

Morris – A must for ‘Sea-Foodies’

By Fabiolla Loureiro – www.fabiollaloureiro.com Ah Madrid! One of Europe’s best gastronomy capitals. Travel within the villages of Spain and you will find that each has its own speciality. Travel to Madrid and you will find all flavours from Spain. In Madrid, eating is important. It’s one of life’s premium pleasures. Meaning, a social event…

The Last Potter of Pinela

When you start venturing outside the normal tourist places, you stop being a tourist and start being a traveler, an explorer, a witness to the culture and traditions of a certain territory. In the north-eastern corner of Portugal, the region of Bragança was previously difficult to reach, but a new motorway has opened up this…

Hunt for the White Truffle of San Miniato

In the rustic hinterland of San Miniato in Tuscany, oak trees, willows and hazels cultivate among their roots the finest mushroom that can be found: The White Truffle of San Miniato. In latin known as Tuber Magnatum Pico, this much-coveted “diamond of the kitchen” is one of the most expensive truffles in the world. A chilly November morning we…