Perpignan: France’s Little-Known City of Colours and Sunshine

When Ava Kabouchy took the plunge and exchanged the Atlantic temperatures of Maine for the Mediterranean temperatures of southwest France, she also gained a completely different colour scheme. Based in Perpignan, she spent 3 years in this multi-cultural city and discovered the many layers of French culture and history.

Follow her, as she takes us through this both French and Catalan city and shows us its vibrant beauty.

Paris – Portrait of a City

By Fabiolla Loureiro – Paris, the city of love and photography. I remember that when I first started to photograph cities, Paris undoubtedly would become my number one, followed by Budapest and Venice. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, and with an immense cultural background, photography was somehow born in Paris through…

Mont Ventoux – Conquering the Bald Mountain

Immortalised through decades of Tour de France and forming a conspicuous part of the Provençal landscape, Mont Ventoux is more than a mountain. It’s been nicknamed “Beast of Provence”, “The Bald Mountain” and “Provence’s Fujiyama” but fact is, that Mont Ventoux means Windy Mountain. And when the Mistral is blowing, it certainly is! Classified by UNESCO…

Hidden Beneath the Seats – The Artisan’s Playground

The History and Mysteries of Europe’s Misericords Part III by Dave Douglas Davis If you’re in luck and look closely, maybe next time you’re in a church, you can spot a so-called Misericord, or Mercy Seat, under the seats of the folding choir chairs. They were used by the monks throughout the Middle Ages as…

Pearls of Provence: Les Baux-de-Provence

Perched atop of a rocky spur on the edge of Les Alpilles mountain range in central Provence, crowned with a castle ruin, overlooking the plains to the south, rests another Pearl of Provence: Les Baux-de-Provence. This medieval village is both home to a fortress in stone, and the art exhibition Carrières de Lumières inside the stone. Curious what is the best to see in Les Baux-de-Provence, one of the”Plus Beaux Villages de France”? Here’s our recommendation:

The Legend of Roland

The story about the brave and reckless knight Roland and his legendary sword Durendal is rooted in historical facts. His story inspired the romantic movement in medieval France and song were sung about him, praising him as the perfect knight. But how much is true? Is fiction better than fact? Fact Roland really was a Frankish…

Pearls of Provence: Roussillon

You find yourselves walking amidst a foreign landscape, like cowboys in a Colorado setting. The sun beats down on this exotic landscape and reveals fifty shades of ochre. But you’re not in Colorado. You’re in Roussillon, France. 

This is one of the best villages to discover in Provence and to have a nice stroll in this terracotta-coloured landscape.