Adventures in Northern Italy: Florence

Saul Schwartz took his wife Fern by the hand and crossed the great pond for the first time since the pandemic on a mission to fall in love with Europe again. And what better place to rekindle that romance than in Northern Italy?

Milan, Florence, Pisa and Venice are all dreamy destinations and, if planned right, can be visited in less than 2 weeks. Saul and Fern left nothing to chance and had organized everything in advance.

What is the best way to spend 3 days in Florence? Let them show you:

Corridoio Vasariano – The secret corridor in Florence

As the sun rises on Florence, the riverside houses, clutched up against each other facing the River Arno, become shades of the rising sun. Turned yellow as if jealous, they look upon the opposite houses and at the bridge between them. The bridge, equipped with its own houses, hovering over the river as it has…

The Medicis: partner manager, part mafia

The Medici family is inevitable, utterly and eternally linked to the Renaissance and Florence. No other European non-royal family has ever so clearly defined an era in history as them. And over a time-span of just 150 years – a drop in the ocean of time – they supported some of the greatest artists the…

Introduction to Tuscany

Beaches and life-giving sun. Rustic properties with stone pine and cypress framed roads. Smiling sunflowers and crooked vines. Tuscany is with good reason among the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Everyone knows that Tuscany equals sun and beautiful beaches. Everyone knows that Tuscany implies architecture from the renaissance and art. Everyone knows that…