Introduction to Tuscany

Beaches and life-giving sun. Rustic properties with stone pine and cypress framed roads. Smiling sunflowers and crooked vines. Tuscany is with good reason among the most popular holiday destinations in the world.


Everyone knows that Tuscany equals sun and beautiful beaches. Everyone knows that Tuscany implies architecture from the renaissance and art. Everyone knows that Tuscany means delicious food and wine.
It is all very obvious. But do you also know how incredibly varied Tuscany is, although the area is about the same size as the state of New Jersey?


The area of Siena is the Tuscany, you dream about; rolling Chianti fields with crooked wines heavy from Sangiovese grapes. Avenues with alternately stone pines and cypresses up to a farmhouse on top of a hill. Medieval villages as San Gimignano with city walls and 14 towers. And even Siena is perhaps Europe’s most beautiful medieval city, remaining almost the same as when the plague struck in 1348.



The area at Lucca is perfect if you want to both relax and be active. Bathing at the Italian Riviera. Hiking in forested Apuane mountains or along the rugged rocky coast of Cinque Terres. 294 leaning stairs up in the tower of Pisa. Strolls in the elegant shopping area behind the high walls of Lucca.

Golden fields and sandy beaches

Southern Tuscany reveals sunflowers and corn fields and delicious sandy beaches along the coast of the Maremma. While Elba and small islands are dotted out in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the village of Pitigliano lies adventurous on top of a volcanic turf rock near Bolsena Lake.


Florence – capitol of the Renaissance

All too often, people rush through this ancient home to the Medici family and birthplace of the Renaissance. It feels like sacrilege to consume so much beauty and history into just a couple of days of travel, as it deserves at least a week of exploration. The Stendhal Syndrome is reserved for those, that take the time to be dazzled.


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