Lübeck – Christmas capital of the north

We are in the middle of the time when the day turns dark and winter has set in. All over the world, people fight back the murky darkness with Christmas lights, candles and torches. Winter blues is overcome with merrymaking, Christmas carolling and punch.

In Germany, especially, they mix all the above thing together – throw in some Mutzen, Bratwürstchen and Lebkuchen – and make the world’s best Christmas markets. Discover with us the best christmas markets of Lübeck.

Christmas markets in Germany

I must admit it; the Germans have a way to put together a Christmas market like nobody else! They will fill the stalls with hand-crafted Christmas decorations, gingerbread from Nuremberg, pottery, woodcarvings and many other artisan gems. Old-fashioned carousels and Santa Claus parades makes it a fun event for children of all ages. You will find beautiful decorated…