Christmas markets in Germany

I must admit it; the Germans have a way to put together a Christmas market like nobody else! They will fill the stalls with hand-crafted Christmas decorations, gingerbread from Nuremberg, pottery, woodcarvings and many other artisan gems.Christmas Fairs - Weihnachtsmarkt - in Germany

Old-fashioned carousels and Santa Claus parades makes it a fun event for children of all ages. You will find beautiful decorated Christmas trees and traditional Christmas cribs.

The cosy, wooden bars with straw on the floor serve warm glühwein, punch, hot chocolate, lumumba or the pyromaniacs favourite “Feuerzangenbowle“. You decide if you want these warm cocktails with “schuss“, which means with an extra shot of rum, depending on the temperature and the number of kids you are responsible for.

On the food side, there’s nothing lacking either; from the hearty bratwurst, kebabs and pizzas to the sweet crepes, candied nuts, gingerbread hearts and the German mini-donut; Schmalzkuchen.

We can recommend the Christmas markets of Berlin, Hamburg, Köln (Cologne), Goslar, Quedlinburg, Dresden, Regensburg, Münster and Lübeck. So, no matter where in Germany you happen to be in December, there’s a chance you can catch some festive markets and hot cocktails!

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