Camino de Santiago – It’s all about the journey. Part III

Arriving at one’s destination can be a bittersweet experience. Especially when on a pilgrimage or a hiking trail, where the journey is more important than the destination. But then again, every journey must come to an end for a new one to begin.

Ava Kabouchy finishes her Camino de Santiago, not in a cathedral but on a beach; at the End of the World in Spain.

Appetite for Adventure: Caminito del Rey

The early morning sun is a blinding ray of light through the narrow gorge as we walk along the boardwalks clinging to the side of the vertical cliff. Many metres below our feet, the Guadalhorce river rushes on, slowly digging deeper into the canyon. The track alters between tight gaps and stunning views. And the old,…

In Salamanca: The Castilian lisp

by Marius Stankiewicz While Madrid is often considered the heart of Spain – or perhaps the geographical middle of the Iberian Peninsula since you could literally stand in Puerta de Sol marking KM 0 of all outward bound roadways – Salamanca, on the other hand, may very well be the ‘golden milestone’, the crossroads of…