Madrid 5 Day City guide

Follow in the footsteps of America-based Saul Schwartz as he learns what the capital of Spain has to offer in October.

What is most important to visit in Madrid? From free walking tours to discovering the most famous museums, Saul suggests an exhaustive itinerary of Madrid’s best attractions.

Whether you want to dig deeper into the historic heart of Madrid, or are game for exploring the fascinating area around it, here are some great tips on what not to miss.

Ancient Athens – Touring the Acropolis

The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex handed down by Greek Antiquity to the world. Built back in the 5th century BC, these iconic structures are the birthplace of democracy and Western civilization. Follow US-based traveller Saul Schwartz as he discovers ancient Athens and shows us where best to feel the presence of history.

Exploring Crete in 4 days: Chania

Crete may be quintessential Greek, but you only have to dig down a little to discover its many foreign influences through the centuries. This makes the island the perfect getaway for any traveller seeking to understand the history and cultures of Europe, while enjoying warm weather and beautiful nature.
Chania is a great base for exploring this multifaceted island.

Staying Green in Amsterdam

Well-known for its tree-lined canals, beautiful architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most eco-conscious destinations. From hundreds of sustainable shops and 400 km of cycle lanes to ecologically responsible hotels and farm-to-table restaurants, there is no shortage of eco-friendly places and activities in the capital of the Netherlands.

The good news is that tourists visiting Amsterdam can easily participate in this lifestyle and be a part of the city’s conscious way of living.

London 1 Week City Guide

Royal Palaces, political attractions, historic churches, Jewish legacy, world-class museums and quintessential British institutions. There are many reasons to visit the capital of the British Empire: London. America-based Saul Schwartz puts us in the passenger’s seat on his well-choreographed visit to this diversified metropolis, that leaves you spoiled for choice. Sit back and enjoy the…