Five Fab Barcelona Breaks

Barcelona is an international tourism destination with world-class appeal. It has unique architecture, exquisite gastronomy and a pleasant climate. With so much to experience and so many people wanting to do so, Barcelona can get pretty crowded. Then what?

We’ve roamed the countryside and found the Top5 things to do outside Barcelona.

Blessed beer and alchemistic ale

Alchemy has been a protoscientific and philosophical tradition for centuries. While the crude minds of old times hungered in futile for a recipe, that could turn “base metals” (like lead), into “noble metals” (like gold), the more practical minds learned the alchemy of alcohol: how to turn “base ingredients” (like grapes or barley) into “noble drinks”…

The kings of the north

The north of Zealand, Denmark is called “The Kings’ Northzealand” and is the Danish equivalent to the French Loire valley, which is dotted with spectacular castles and palaces. The north of Zealand too. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the first castles were built. Søborg castle was the base of operations for the kings back…